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We are so excited and proud to annonce that our Nose Work in a Box is endorsed by Stacy Barnett, a top nosework competitor with multiple Summit Level (SMTx3) titles in the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) with her dog, Judd.

You can purchase tools for training scent work with dogs from a myraid of sources. This premier kit from Teresa Hatcher of Systematic Training 4 Dogs is designed to provide EVERYTHING** you need to train novice through advanced scent work, and we mean EVERYTHING**. As a professional trainer, Teresa knows how important it is to not only have the right tools for your buddy, but the proper instruction to get you off to a good start AND keep you on the right scent! (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

Teresa is currently compiling her proprietary guide and video library to assist you along the way. Everyone who purchases this kit will be provided access to the getting started materials. As an added bonus, Teresa is also available for private instruction in scent and other disciplines in the Evansville, Indiana area. Group sessions can be arranged as well, and she will travel where time a pay scale permits.

Dogs love scent work, whether for work or play, and we think you will too.They are doing what comes naturally and being rewarded for it rather than having a tug on the leash to make them stop sniffing! Scent work is fun and exciting for both pup and handler. Training, as provided by Teresa, in person and in instuctional guide and videos, is based on the training provided for working scent dogs for police, search & rescue as well as competion. It utilizes the systematic method of building skills she is know for.

We know you are anxious to order and get started!
Text Teresa @ (812) 457-7616, send a message via her facebook page, send an email or purchase on Etsy now!

Your Kit Contains:

  • 10 identical cardboard box containers (9" x 6.5" 2.75")
  • 2 metal grids (for buried element training)
  • 2 tote boxes with latching handles (for buried element training)
  • 1 cold box containing
    • Airtight clean swab jar
    • 100 pre-cut white cotton swabs
    • 4 cold (unscented) scent vessels
    • 40 pre-cut black swabs for water element
    • 1 suction cup - for water element
    • 1 black tube - to hold black swab (and held by suction)
    • 10 alcohol wipes - for accidental spills or contamination
    • Poster tack - to facilitate hiding scent vessels in interior or hides
    • 2 rare earth magnets neodymium

*Jar shapes/styles and lid colors for jars and plastic containers/boxes may vary based on availability.
**Sand and water for hides not included (shipping charges would be exhorbitant).

2 Hot Jars - separate jars for Birch and Anise

Birch Jar Contents

  • Tweezers
  • Birch scent vessel
  • Bottle with dropper
  • Birch (Betula lenta)
  • Tea diffuser
  • Used swab jar
  • Rare earth magnet
  • Suction cup for birch water hides
  • Black tubing for birch water hides

Anise Jar Contents

  • Tweezers
  • Anise scent vessel
  • Bottle with dropper
  • Anise (Pimpinella asium)
  • Tea diffuser
  • Used swab jar
  • Rare earth magnet
  • Suction cup for anise water hides
  • Black tubing for anise water hides


Training Videos

We are slowly adding Videos to assist our students with training. It is our intent to make these videos available only to students. Please do not share our passwords with others. Anyone who is a student can request the current password to access the videos via FB Messages, Messenger or email. We really don't want to have to change the password too frequently, but will be forced to do so if traffic on our video pages indicates unauthorized traffic. Click here for a list of current videos. Please come back from time to time and see what's new.


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