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Affilitate Links - or Let's Raise the Barn!

As most of my students know, I am on a quest to build a first class indoor facility for year round training come rain. sleet, snow, or whatever. Building an appropriately sized barn is expensive, but, with a little help from my friends, I'll get there faster. And, the beauty of it is, it won't cost you a penny more than you would spend shopping at these great retailers anyway. All you need do is click on one of my links instead of going to the store directly or via a google search. I have done, and will continue to do my due diligence and will never send you anywhere that I do not believe is a solid reputable merchant selling products I would/do use myself. Please spread the word, send people to my direct links (send them to this page, it is easier) and let's start raising the barn (funds). Thank you for your support.

Dogwise logo and link

We are so excited to announce our new affiliation with Dogwise! Movies and books are two of my favorite guilty pleasures. Books from Dogwise don't even qualify as guilty because they are all about both my vocation and avocation. In their own words, "Dogwise Publishing was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of to produce and market high quality books on dogs. Over the years Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) has selected several of our books for their highest honor, the Maxwell Award and book industry insiders recognize that Dogwise Publishing titles give readers well-written, sound educational information on dogs. Dogwise Publishing books are sold on our website, in stores, through online retailers and mail order catalogs and through book industry wholesalers." Please use this link to visit and purchase from this wonderful resource today.

Pro Pet Supply link and logo

In their own words, Pet Pro Supply Co. is a distributor of premium pet products designed to meet the superior standards of pet professionals: animal trainers, handlers, veterinarians, groomers, and of course, also pet parents that demand the very best for their pets. Our comprehensive professional-grade offering includes some of the world’s highest quality equipment and supplies for pet safety, pet training, pet travel and pet care. Visit the via this link: Pet Pro Supply Company

Whistle Logo and link

Whistle believes the relationship with our pets is one of the most important bonds we have in life, and that a better understanding of our pets’ health is critical to strengthening that connection. Our expertise in pets, technology, and data analytics has allowed them to build a company set on developing a system of smart products for owners and vets — a system that grows with every owner that joins in, has the power to enrich each pet-owner relationship, and carries the potential to add years to every pet's life.

Whistle GO Explore Ultimate Pet Health and Location Tracker

Ollie - the best food for your dog

Every good dog deserves the best diet possible. Ollie tailors your dog’s meal plan based on their age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight - so their portion is juuust right. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am adamant about not overfeeding. I want you to have your best buddy around and healthy for as long as possible. Folllow this link to Get 50% Off Your First Box of Ollie

Inkopious link and logo

Inkopious is the best place to find your new favorite swag for your next dog walk, trip to the cat cafe, or just lounging around the house. They have over 100+ animal breeds drawn and only use premium super soft and comfy apparel that meets our high standards. All items are designed and printed in-house to ensure quality and speed. Most orders ship within 1-2 business days. Check them out here: Dog Inspired Apparel. Find Your Breed!


Tuft & Paw cat toy link

Though we concentrate on training dogs, we also have opened our home and hearts to a few cats over the years. As any cat cohabiter knows, cats can be a bit, shall we say fussy.. We have found what may be the best resource for the most discriminating felines and their house mates. We also highly approve of their efforts to help homeless kitties. Tuft + Paw offers a 50% discount when you choose to donate any of their products to a shelter. This is a great option if you aren’t able to foster or adopt but want to make a difference in a cat’s life. Take a look at the toys, beds and litter boxes on this very high tone site by clicking the following link. Exclusive Range of Cat Toys

Pupjoy logo and link

Holiday GIFT Boxes are now in stock at PupJoy!
These are a perfect gift for dog parents or your own best friend! Overflowing with the season's best treats, toys, and chews from top indie brands. It's a bountiful discovery of unique, limited ingredients, and all-natural goodies. Visit now!


Cherry Brrok Link and image

Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies started from humble beginnings. Several dog ages ago (49 to be precise) They saw a need and began selling grooming products at dog shows. Cherrybrook has grown to become one of America’s most respected sources for premium pet products.

Among their coolest accomplishments is that for over 40 years they have been the only general grooming and show supply vendor at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Click here to shop Cherrybrook.

Pet Well Being link and logo was founded in 2001. Our goal? To provide pet owners with options and good information. Faced with decisions about the best health strategies for our beloved pets, we all want what is best for our furry companions. We want the assurance that we will make our pets feel better, not worse. And, we don't want to throw away our money on something that doesn't work.

To fulfill this vision, Pet WellBeing staff, holistic veterinarians, develop products using data from multiple streams: time-honored, traditional uses of herbs and foods, current scientific research, hands-on, clinical experience between veterinarians and their dog or cat patients.

Pet WellBeing products and formulas are continually under review. Formulas are analyzed individually, in turn. During a review, our Board of Advisors team integrates information in a "think tank" fashion, looking at the latest studies & research, and real-life results of the dogs and cats within their veterinary practices. Ideas are shared and improvements are discussed and tested. This is our commitment to putting leading-edge science and concrete results into our products. For more information, visit via this link.

fitbark-banner and link

We are excited to share a new affiliation with FitBark! In their own words, "At FitBark, we think of dog and human health as one. We couldn’t imagine a world where we push our bodies and watch our diets to get healthy, and leave the pets we love on a path to medical crisis - with minimal exercise and unrestricted access to food. That's why we are entirely dedicated to getting you and your pet healthy together. And making it fun!"

Anyone who has trained with Teresa knows how adamant she is about NOT over feeding and making sure your best pal gets all the exercise they need to stay healthy. If you wear a device to monitor your own health, you owe it to your pup to take a look at this ingenious device. Visit their web page by clicking here and check out the details.

Nosework-link and logo

Thinking about training for the upcoming scentwork trial? This is what you need. This premier kit from Teresa Hatcher of Systematic Training 4 Dogs is designed to provide EVERYTHING** you need to train novice through advanced scent work, and we mean EVERYTHING**. As a professional trainer, Teresa knows how important it is to not only have the right tools for your buddy, but the proper instruction to get you off to a good start AND keep you on the right scent! (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

Links of Interest

Following are a few links you might find useful. Know of a link we should ad? If so email our web master.

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American Kennel Club

Contact Zone Agility Equipment

Zippy Dogs Equipment

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